technology training solutions

Teach-Tech Institute is a developer of innovative technology training solutions for the global marketplace.

As a training vehicle, Teach-Tech enables communities to implement education and training centered around a variety of disciplines from sustainable farming and agriculture, to workforce development technologies. Teach-Tech’s aim is to assist communities in developing nations to implement technology-transfer and enhanced training programs which facilitate capacity building and empowers each nation’s citizen-trainees to participate in the 21st century workforce. Teach-Tech concentrates on industry sectors which advance economic development as they are growth focused, and offers training that is applicable to both males and females from both urban and rural communities.

As a community development training partner, Teach-Tech will focus on providing technology transfer and workforce development training to in-country locals in the topic areas listed above. Teach-Tech will facilitate hands-on training as well as leverage distance learning platforms to deploy training programs via in-country partner training sites. As a strong community-based training initiative, Teach-Tech transforms lives locally and globally.